We're Open!

(now open EVERY DAY, including Sundays!)

 TWT Open Sign in front of store

Visit our new location at: 

16th & California

Café Hours:

Monday 7am - 3pm
Tuesday 7am - 3pm
Wednesday 7am - 3pm
Thursday 7am - 3pm
Friday 7am - 3pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm
Sunday 9am - 1pm
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Tea With Tae Café

700 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202

TWT Cafe Tables
Bento Box Wall
TWT Cafe windows facing East

Café Menu

Tea Coffee Food Extras
Hot/Iced Tea Hot Coffee Assorted Pastry Hot Chocolate
Tea Latté Cold-Brew Coffee Bavarian Pretzel Lemonade
Chai Tea Latté Latté Breakfast Burrito
Matcha Cortado GF Chocolate Chip Cookie
Matcha Lemonade Espresso Ham & Cheese Croissant
Arnold Palmer Mocha Muffin
Matcha Tea Latté Macchiato Scone
London Fog Americano

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We're Hiring!

TWT is looking for determined individuals to join our rapidly growing community alongside a vibrant Downtown Denver atmosphere! There is no better time to start a new career and what better place to begin than at Tea With Tae! Visit our Careers page for more information!