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Lemon Crème Mini Tube

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1 mini tea tube = 5 tea sachets


One of our personal favorites at TWT, our Lemon Crème tea is blended with special, high-elevation Ceylon black tea leaves, unique lemon verbena leaves sourced from Australia, and a pinch of lemon peel. It's like a delicious cup of lemonade without all the added sugars, and because it's a black tea base, you'll get that power boost of caffeine when you need it most. 

"I used to drink a ton of coffee throughout the day, until I stumbled upon this tea blend from Tea with Tae. After my first cup, I was hooked. Lemon Crème is my new go-to that I sip throughout the workday. I make it both hot and iced, and both ways, it tastes immaculate." - Robby J., ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review.

    Caffeine Level

    High (1-2 cups of black tea = 1 cup of coffee)

    About our Mini Tea Tubes

    The perfect on-the-go or travel companion, each mini tea tube contains 5 eco-friendly (bio-degradable & plastic-free) tea pyramid sachets, which are perfect for enjoying sophisticated tea blends without the need for any steeping hardware.

    All-natural high-elevation Ceylon black tea leaves, lemon verbena, lemon peel, lemon flavors

    Citrusy, sweet cream, vanilla, brown sugar, slightly earthy, malty

    Water temperature: 212º F

    Water amount: 8 oz.

    Steep time: 5 min.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Emily S. (Flushing, US)
    My Favorite Tea

    The lemon creme is my favorite tea, hands down. I now have large tubes at home and at the office so I'm never without. This is one that I gift to family and friends, along with the Jasmine Green. Versatile, flavorful, this tea is perfect for any occasion.

    Wilson (Norman, US)
    Love the Lemon!!

    This lemon creme tea is outstanding! I was nervous at first. I thought it might be very artificial tasting, but it is not! So smooth. I’ve only had it hot, but imagine it would be very refreshing served over ice. If you like lemon, this is definitely a tea you should try!!!

    Jennifer N. (Republic, US)
    Not TOO lemony

    I'll admit that when I first smelled this tea, I immediately thought it would be too lemony for me but it's not. It's a very nice lemon without being too strong.

    Amy H. (Denver, US)

    The lemon creme tea is wonderful - a fantastic iced tea in the summertime and a cozy hot cup with dessert. It's my new favorite beverage -and I'm so glad it's from a local Denver company!

    NorthvilleCatLady (West Bloomfield, US)
    Great lemon flavor

    I put lemon in my tea every day but this really adds a nice lemony aroma and flavor that I really enjoy, almost like a lemon scone. I will be re-ordering this one for sure and I highly recommend.

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