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Matcha Large Tube

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1 tube = 4 oz. of matcha


Oh my matcha! This is 4 oz. of premium-grade stone-ground Japanese matcha. If you don't already know, "matcha" is literally green tea leaves ground into powdered form. When you consume matcha, you are consuming the actual tea leaves, which is what creates the "matcha high." Rich in L-theanine and low on the jitters, matcha is the perfect fuel for your morning routine that will get you started off on the right foot. The caffeine in the matcha gradually works its way through your body, allowing for simultaneous feelings of tranquility and energy. It's incredible.

This tea blend is all-natural and does not use any artificial ingredients.

Caffeine Level

High (1-2 cups of matcha = 1 cup of coffee)

Premium-grade stone-ground Japanese matcha

Mellow vegetal grassy notes, natural sweet nuttiness

Water temperature: 170º F

Water amount: 8 oz

Whisk in 1 teaspoon of matcha

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Toni M. (Bakersfield, US)
Matcha is super tasty!

I enjoyed the matcha! I thought it tasted really good, but I didn’t really feel the effects of the caffeine. I drink a cup of coffee every day, so maybe I wasn’t using enough to equal a cup of coffee. Overall, I think it’s a great drink for every day use.

Rhonda L.R. (Englewood, US)
Matcha to you Health

Matcha is popular, so I found recipes, easy to make, and you feel good. Now I’m doing it everyday, you will too!!

Elisha Q. (Littleton, US)
High Quality Matcha

Highest quality matcha that has an excellent taste.

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