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Valentine's Tea Bento Box

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ūü§ć 1x Tea Bento Box

ūü§ć 2x Mast Chocolate Bars (of your choice!)

ūü§ć (+$5) Handwritten Note

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The Perfect Gift for Your Sweetheart

This limited edition Valentine's Tea Bento Box bundle comes with 4 or 6 mini tea tubes with five premium, pyramid sachet tea bags in each tube (20 tea sachets total in the 4-pack; 30 tea sachets total in the 6-pack). The tea blends in this limited edition Tea Bento Box include: Fruit & Berry Oolong, Caramel Rooibos, Chocolate, and Spa Bliss in the 4-Pack. The 6-pack includes those four tea blends plus Lavender Earl Grey and Jasmine Green tea.

In addition to the delicious and beautiful Tea Bento Box, this limited edition gift set comes with 2 delectable chocolate bars of your choice. Choose from Tea Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Lavender Chocolate. 

For an extra $5, you can add on one of our Valentine's Day cards with a note, and we will specially handwrite it for your special someone. Make this year's Valentine's Day unforgettable!

Rooted in Rich History

Inspired by Japan's rich and exquisite culinary history, our Tea Bento Box is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind tea gift box and our most popular product. Our "bento" style tea gift box is our modern take on Japan's famous bento box that originated during the 12th century during the Kamakura period, which often contained full meals in lacquered wood boxes. Instead of containing a full meal in different compartments like the original Japanese bento, our Tea Bento Boxes contain six different tea varieties compartmentalized into six mini tea tubes. Each mini tea tube contains 5 premium tea pyramid sachets, for a total of 30 tea sachets in each 6-pack Tea Bento Box or 20 tea sachets in each 4-pack Tea Bento Box.

Tea with Tae is a proud member of the Japan America Society of Colorado (JASC). Read more about our membership here.

Why Customers Love the Tea Bento Box

  • Beautiful and unique presentation
  • Highest-quality, exquisite, and delicious tea blends
  • Makes a lasting impression on a friend, family member, or loved one
  • Perfect for all occasions and celebrations
  • Luxurious yet affordable
  • Inspires the recipient to take a tea-tasting adventure by trying all 6 varieties of tea in each Tea Bento Box

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