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Tea has a way of bringing people together in the name of delicious flavors and great conversation. Tea with Tae elevates the tea-drinking experience. Enjoy a cup of exquisite custom tea from the very first sip to the very last. Serving up high-quality tea first requires premium sourcing. The Tea with Tae team partners with some of the finest tea farms across the planet. This ensures that every single sachet steeped holds sophisticated aromas and flavors that all tea enthusiasts will appreciate and enjoy.

At Tea with Tae, pyramid tea sachets work with tea leaves and leave the traditional standards far behind. We’re a woman-owned company with an emphasis on eco-friendly packaging. All of our sachets are not only biodegradable, but plastic-free. Choosing Tea with Tae means prioritizing high-quality flavors without sacrificing time. Our tea is designed to infuse your tea-drinking experience with pleasure, and without the hassle of loose-leaf brewing. Whether you’re on the go and need your tea in a hurry, or you plan to deliver a delightful tea box gift to a friend, Tea with Tae’s selection is designed to inspire.

An Elevated Take on Custom Tea

At Tea with Tae, we live, drink, and breathe fine tea. There’s nothing better than settling in with a cup that you know will indulge your senses to the very last drop. To guarantee quality and sophisticated flavor in every sachet, we work closely with a custom tea blender who sources our tea from incredible tea estates all around the world, from the stunning island country of Sri Lanka to the beautiful tea farms of central China to the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. The leaves we use to create our pleasing products are carefully curated at every turn.

We even take a customized approach to serving up our tea once it’s prepared. We’re proud to offer customers a myriad of options. You can order a tea subscription box, a tea gift box, individual tea pouches, or a preset tea bento box, just to name a few! When it comes to flavor and tea types, we offer a wide variety of selections that appeal to customers with all kinds of tea tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for black tea, chai, herbal or green varieties, we carry premium options designed to impress the taste buds.

A curated tea gift box is a good way to let a loved one know you care and to brighten up their day with some delightful flavors, too. Of course, you could also give a gift to yourself and order your own tea subscription box. A tea bento box gift is a popular choice among our customers. The tea bento box subscription is a sure way to keep the flavors coming regularly! You will find that we carry the products designed to meet the needs of all kinds of life moments, milestones, and celebrations.

At Tea with Tae, we also offer custom tea boxes and bags sourced from all over the world. These are available for both individual sale and wholesale. Our teas are often purchased for gift box companies and boutique retail shops alike. We’re proud to offer discounted bulk pricing for customers looking to purchase a gift for a client, or for the customers aiming to add the perfect finishing details to a corporate event.


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Our Exciting Product Offerings

The Tea with Tae team embraces tea drinkers of all types. Our products are perfect for those who have long been loving their daily cups of tea, as well as for those who are new to the world and experience the aromatic beverage. We’re committed to offering high-quality tea options that are both accessible and affordable. We’ve prioritized beautiful and eye-catching packaging to ensure our tea is pleasing to open individually and just as satisfying to hand over to a loved one as a gift. Beyond the aesthetics, we’ve also made earth-friendly packaging our standard. Yes, our packaging also captures the freshness of the leaves within, but our customers especially love the fact it’s made with eco-friendly material that won’t be detrimental to the planet we all sip on.

Our high-quality teas are available for purchase in custom tea bento boxes, curated tea bento boxes, or tea pouches, depending on customer preference (in other words, each customer’s “cup of tea”). Those who opt for a custom tea bento box subscription will enjoy the process of choosing their teas from our variety of options according to personal preference and taste. Subscriptions can be personalized monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly.

Similarly, our curated tea bento boxes give customers the option of choosing from a lineup of preselected flavors that showcase our favorites. A curated box can be ordered as a subscription as well, and it’s often designed to fit a tea drinker’s mood. The tea pouches available at Tea with Tae can be enjoyed in both hot and iced fashion. There is an array of flavor options to choose from, and, much like their gift box counterparts, tea pouches can be integrated into a monthly subscription.

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Let Us Show You How Delicious Tea Can Be

At Tea with Tae, we’re proud to be a woman-founded and owned company that emphasizes the beauty and importance of bringing people together over a quality cup of tea. We provide our customers with high-quality tea from all over the world at a price they can afford.

Our subscription options give customers the power to pick and choose flavors to fit their moods, milestones, and everyday moments with ease. The gift of a tea bento box is something loved ones won’t soon forget, and our products are perfect for sharing during precious quality time together. Business owners love the accessibility of our wholesale tea options, which upgrade their company’s flavor factor in every way. No matter whether our products are being used in the workplace, at an event, or in the comfort of a home, tea affords its drinkers health benefits and a touch of tranquility.



Hi, I’m Tae, and welcome to Tea With Tae (aka TWT)! I love tea and am passionate about delicious tasting tea. Tea is good for your health, good for your mind, and good for your soul.  But beyond the great tastes and obvious health benefits, tea is special because it brings people together and makes people happy. It's no wonder that tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water!


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