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Best Iced Tea on the Go!

I have been a big fan of Tea with Tae for a while now, and these cans to go have been the absolute best! I love the Moroccan Mint Tea; it’s packed with flavor and quality and I can’t recommend the flavor enough!

Build Your Own Tea Bento Box
Karen G. (Castle Rock, US)
Loved the packaging

I can actually taste the lavender in this product

Caribbean Cooler Iced Herbal Tea
Morgan C. (Peyton, US)
Hibiscus Lovers Tea

If you love hibiscus this is the tea for you. Very floral and tea is even a deep pink color. Love the convenience of the bigger bags too!

Bedtime Bliss Large Tube
Melissa R. (Brooklyn, US)
Great for winding down, but not a fan of the scent

I got a large tube of Bedtime Bliss for my partner and I, since we've been having trouble winding down before bed. It does the job and helps us fall asleep but we can't get around the scent of the tea, which kind of smells like feet (but that's just our opinions!). We prefer the Calming Tea or the Spa Bliss.

Moroccan Mint Cold Brew Tea Can (1 Case)
Aubrey D.D. (Littleton, US)

I love the taste and convenience of this! The can is so unbelievably cute as well. And Tae is super helpful which is the cherry on top!

Caramel Rooibos
Morgan C. (Peyton, US)
Love this tea

I LOVE the taste of this tea! Absolutely amazing! BUT the bags you send your teas in keep breaking at the zipper. It comes clean off one side making it impossible to reseal. And not just the Caramel Rooibos, the claiming team bag did it as well.

Hi Morgan,

Thank you for your candid review! We're so happy you love our tea, but we're so sorry that you had a bad experience with the tea pouch seals. Thanks for bringing this to our attention -- we are working to fix this ASAP!

Spa Bliss Mini Tube
Kathryn C. (New Braunfels, US)

My favorite rainy day tea. A soothing relaxing flavor that I love to curl up on the couch and read a good book with.

Lemon Crème
Amy H. (Denver, US)

The lemon creme tea is wonderful - a fantastic iced tea in the summertime and a cozy hot cup with dessert. It's my new favorite beverage -and I'm so glad it's from a local Denver company!

P.R.O. (Oakland, US)
Love this tea!!

If you haven't tried Genmaicha, you must! Sometimes it's served in asian restaurants. It's a lovely green tea with toasted rice, which gives this tea a nutty and full bodied taste. I absolutely love it!!

Peppermint Mini Tube
Kathryn C. (San Antonio, US)

This is my go to tea when allergies attack or I'm not feeling 100% healthy. It's soothing and gives relief to a tired body!

Bedtime Bliss Mini Tube
Kathryn C. (San Antonio, US)

One of my favorite teas of all! Perfect for winding down after a long day

Honella Mini Tube
Kathryn C. (New Braunfels, US)
My favorite

This tea is a perfect flavor to settle me in for the night. Not too intense, perfectly balanced.

Lavender Earl Grey
Kristie O. (Kahului, US)
Love the high quality tea

It’s high quality and gives perfect aroma. I highly recommend it

Rooibos Tea Pouch Bundle 3-Pack
Mary S. (San Antonio, US)
The best tea!

Intitially ran into this shop on my birthday weekend, the ladies knew their tea and were so nice. I love the tea and ordered more for delivery when I got back to Texas.

Rooibos Chai
Toni M.
Great Tea

The tea tasted so good and it's a great decaf option!

Jasmine Green Tea
P.R.O. (Golden, US)
jasmine green - amazing

what a lovely and fragrant tea to enjoy - anytime!

Fruit & Berry Oolong Large Tube
Karen R. (Aliso Viejo, US)
very good

i liked it alot i do like a stronger tea

Fruit & Berry Oolong Large Tube
Kimber K. (Oglesby, US)
My Favorite Tea

This one will always be my go to. Love the bonus of a little caffeine.

Iced Tea Bundle 3-Pack
P.R.O. (Golden, US)

These are super delicious iced teas! And very easy to make!
My only problem, is deciding which one to brew... great problem to have!!
Great job TWT!

Extra Spicy Chai
Tami J. (Denver, US)
Extra Spice Chai

I love Chai, and this one is one of my favorites. Great flavor that lasts, and I love being able to use the same tea bag more then once.

Calming Tea
Susan R. (Petoskey, US)
So delicious

Love this tea and I can get up to three cups from one tea bag!

Toni M. (Bakersfield, US)
Matcha is super tasty!

I enjoyed the matcha! I thought it tasted really good, but I didn’t really feel the effects of the caffeine. I drink a cup of coffee every day, so maybe I wasn’t using enough to equal a cup of coffee. Overall, I think it’s a great drink for every day use.

Best tea ever!

Some of the best tea I have ever had, and the customer service is outstanding as well. My favorite teas are the lavender earl grey, lemon creme, and the extra spicy chai, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them at all. I recommend getting a Bento box to try a variety!

Iced Tea Bundle 3-Pack
Lynn B. (Aurora, US)
Big fan of iced-tea bundle!

This tea is absolutely the BEST!! I love all three flavors!

Coconut Oolong
Wands (Castries, LC)
Great for winding down

Light tea