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Tea with Tae is always hiring!

We're on a mission to bring people together over delicious tea. If you're interested in joining a fast-growing consumer packaged goods company in the tea industry, then consider joining us at TWT! 

Right now, we aren't hiring for any specific positions, but if you have special skills and stand out from the crowd, we may want to bring you on! We're mainly looking for generalist, swiss-army-knife, roll-up-your-sleeves types. If that sounds like you, please send us (i) your resume and (ii) 3 references to

    Tea with Tae is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, gender, religion, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, veteran status, or marital status.

    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in our local, Colorado-based tea company!

    What is Tea with Tae?

    Tea with Tae is a rapidly growing, woman-owned tea company based in Denver, Colorado. Our company is focused on building community through delicious tea - bringing people together one cup at a time.

    We’ve developed our products with this specific community-focused goal in mind, specifically our flagship product, the Tea Bento Box. The Tea Bento Box contains six different types of teas that a customer can select from our menu of 20+ different tea varieties – from herbal teas to black teas to green to oolong to rooibos and more. The customer can build their own Tea Bento Box with these different teas and then experience each tea blend themself or, better yet, share these unique tea blends with their friends, family, and loved ones.

    Tea has historically been associated with social gatherings. From Japanese tea ceremonies in the 12th and 13th centuries to Afternoon Tea that started in Great Britain in the mid 19th century, tea has always been a catalyst for interesting conversation, laughter, and relationship building. That’s what Tea with Tae is aiming to do with its brand. We want to bring those bonding experiences back into the mainstream, and we believe our beautifully presented delicious tea can be the vehicle to do that.

    That’s what Tea with Tae is all about. Bringing people together one cup at a time.