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Tea with Tae is a woman-owned luxury tea company based in Denver, Colorado. Our tea products range from exquisite tea gift boxes to beautiful tea tubes to single-serve overwrapped sachets. Our catalog is versatile, and we fit perfectly into a variety of store settings.

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🍵 Our Tea Bento Box gifts are perfect additions to any big box retailer, gift boutique, or general retail store. These are luxurious yet affordable, and customers give these to loved ones all year round.

🍵 Our Large Tubes are perfect for grocery and general store shelves. Beauitfully-presented, eco-friendly packaging, and high-quality tea.

🍵 Enhance your gift boxes and gift baskets by adding our Mini Tubes, which are perfectly-sized to fit 5 tea sachets and come in a variety of colors to fit your brand.

🍵 Upgrade the guest experience at your hotel by including a Tea Bento Box, Large Tea Tube, or MIni Tea Tube as a welcome gift or VIP-room upgrade.

🍵 Offer the highest-quality and most delicious tea to your customers at your restaurant, café, coffee shop, spa, and more. Our single-serve, overwrap sachets are perfect for any type of food service.

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From big to small, we've partnered with Fortune 500 companies to small boutiques to AmLaw 100 law firms to independent coffee shops and grocery stores. Tea with Tae fits in everywhere.


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What TWT Can do for you

🏬 Department Stores - Enhance your gift offerings with our Japanese-inspired Tea Bento Boxes, a perfect gift for your foodie customers looking for something unique and adventurous.

🏪 Retail & Gift Boutiques - Offer your customers an eclectic selection of the highest-quality teas presented in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging. Our Tea Bento Boxes and Large Tea Tubes are bestsellers.

🍴 Food Service - For grocery stores, our large tea tubes are perfect for the customer looking to elevate their tea-drinking experience. Our single-serve wrapped sachets are must-haves for any restaurant or coffee shop looking to give their customers the best tea experience.

🏨 Hotels & Spas - Offer the highest-quality tea to your guests in every room with our single-serve wrapped sachets. Make your VIPs feel even more special with a Tea Bento Box gift upon arrival. Allow your spa clients to unwind and relax with our bestselling herbal blends.

🏢 Corporate Gifting - Impress your clients, or wow your employees. TWT can customize our Tea Bento Boxes, Mini Tea Tubes, and other packaged options with your company's logo and brand colors. Our mini tea tubes also make for a great addition to any gift box or basket. From law firms to investment banks to realtors, everyone loves really good tea.

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Tea is the perfect gift

Branded Tea Bento Boxes

🤍 Your Brand, Your Logo. Each of our branded Tea Bento Boxes comes with either (1) a ribbon with a digitally-printed logo gift tag or (2) a logo-stamped bellyband with your company's logo. All branded Tea Bento Boxes also come with a digitally-printed notecard with a message of your choice. Let your brand shine, and stand out from the crowd.

🍵 A Tea for Everyone. Each Tea Bento Box contains 4 or 6 mini tea tubes with 5 premium tea sachets of delicious tasting tea in each mini tea tube. With up to 6 different teas to experience, there is sure to be a tea for everyone. Give your clients and/or employees an unforgettable tea adventure!

🌎 Beautiful & Eco-Friendly. We recently introduced our new rigid paper tube packaging that is fully compostable. Make these gifts unforgettable for your clients and employees, while still honoring your corporate values of sustainability and taking care of our planet.

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Take Your Gift Box to the next level

Add TWT to your Custom Gift Box or Basket

🎁 Tea Goes with Everything. We've worked with hundreds of gift boxing companies by providing them with beautifully-packaged, high-quality tea. Consider adding a Mini Tea Tube, a Large Tea Tube, or a Large Tea Tin to your next custom gift box.

The Perfect Size. Our mini tea tubes come wtih 5 premium tea sachets and are approximately 2"x3" in size. Our large tea tubes come with 16 premium tea sachets and are approximately 3"x5" in size. Our tea tubes are perfect additions to a variety gift box or basket. Upgrade your gifting today with Tea with Tae.

🏃‍♀️ We're Fast! We typically can fulfill orders within 1 week, depending on the order size. If you're in a pickle to complete your gift box or send something special out ASAP, reach out today.

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