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Limited edition, one-of-a-kind Tea Bento Boxes, available through redeemable NFTs

(New Tea Bento Box NFTs coming soon...)

**Mar. 23, 2022 UPDATE** Thank you to everyone who participated in our inaugural NFTeaWithTae project, where 100% of our profits were donated to the Colorado Marshall Fire victims. We will be releasing new NFTs soon. 

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About the NFTeaWithTae Project

At Tea with Tae, we live in a world where consumer packaged goods and technology collide--more specifically, where tea and tech overlap. We not only thrive on building efficient systems in the back, but we also thrive on creating beautifully-packaged and deliciously-tasting tea blends. 

The NFTeaWithTae project is our entry into the world of blockchain and NFTs (although we did start accepting crypto payments back in November 2021). NFTs give us a new way to promote our tea, particularly some of our new and not-yet-on-the-shelf blends, which hopefully will encourage you to try a tea you haven't tried before. This is our first drop of redeemable NFTs, and we are hoping to do many more in the future with new and exciting blends and products, so stay tuned by subscribing to our email list

Digital NFTs + Tea: These are NFTs with utility. Each NFT is backed by a real, physical one-of-one, limited edition Tea Bento Box. 

Lifetime NFT Tea Subscriptions (Coming Soon): Our next NFT drop will involve releasing certain tokens that grant the token holder to a lifetime monthly subscription of tea. These tokens can then be traded on secondary markets. Whoever holds the token will receive a perpetual monthly subscription to certain tea products... Stay tuned!

Contact us at or call us at 1-888-TEA-W-TAE with any questions, comments, or just to say hi :)