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Article: Celebrate Friendship: Top 5 Ideas for Galentine's Day Brunch

Celebrate Friendship: Top 5 Ideas for Galentine's Day Brunch - Tea with Tae

Celebrate Friendship: Top 5 Ideas for Galentine's Day Brunch

Galentine's Day, the fabulous February 13th tradition, is all about ladies celebrating ladies. What better way to honor this day of friendship and empowerment than with a brunch sprinkled with the magic of tea? Let's dive into some charming and creative Galentine's Day brunch ideas that blend the warmth of tea with the joy of togetherness. 🍵

What are the top 5 Galentine's Day brunch ideas?

  • Making tea-infused culinary delights
  • DIY Tea Blending Station
  • Elegant Afternoon Tea for Brunch
  • Galentine's Garden Party with DIY Floral Station + Photo Booth
  • "Secret Cupid" Gift Exchange

Tea-Infused Culinary Delights

First up, let's talk about tantalizing our taste buds with tea-infused culinary creations. Imagine a spread of mini quiches infused with Lavender Earl Grey tea, or fluffy scones with a hint of chai. The possibilities are endless when you start experimenting with tea as an ingredient in your brunch menu.

DIY Tea Blending Station

Imagine a corner of your brunch space dedicated to the art of tea blending. Here, your guests can mix and match different teas, herbs, and spices to create their unique blend. It's not just a drink; it's a personalized experience!

Elegant Afternoon Tea for Brunch

Who says afternoon tea is just for the afternoon? Transform this elegant tradition into a brunch affair. Picture a table adorned with vintage teacups, a selection of fine teas, and delicate brunch items like tea sandwiches, fruit tarts, and of course, a variety of scones with clotted cream and jam. 

Not sure which teas to get? Try the Bestsellers Tea Bento Box for your next Afternoon Tea event.

Galentine's Garden Party with DIY Floral Station and Photo Booth

Take advantage of the early spring weather by hosting a garden brunch. Decorate with floral arrangements and serve a range of tea-based cocktails and mocktails. Think hibiscus iced tea with a splash of sparkling water or a matcha green tea latte. A garden setting provides a beautiful backdrop for a day filled with laughter, conversation, and delicious tea-inspired drinks.

Also consider setting up a DIY floral bouquet station with popular flowers like roses, daisies, lilies, and some wildflowers for variety. Make sure you gather the necessary supplies too: greenery and fillers, scissors, and floral shears, floral tape and wire, ribbons and twine, vases or water buckets, and gloves and waste bins. 

To complete your immaculate Galentine's Day Garden Party, have a photo booth ready to go for your lovely ladies, so you can capture all the memories. Set up a backdrop with fun props like heart-shaped glasses, feather boas, and funny hats. You can use a polaroid camera for instant photos or set up a tripod with a smartphone. This is a great way for everyone to take a piece of the day home with them.

"Secret Cupid" Gift Exchange

Add a twist to the traditional Secret Santa by doing a 'Secret Cupid' gift exchange. Have everyone bring a small, wrapped gift. It could be something handmade, a cute accessory, or even a book. Draw names to decide who gets which gift. It’s a sweet way to show appreciation for your friends and share some Galentine’s Day love.

Thinking of the perfect gift for your next gift exchange? Consider giving the Tea Bento Box or any of large tea tubes from Tea with Tae. These make for unique and affordable gifts, perfect for any occasion (but especially Galentine's Day!). 


FAQs about Galentine's Day Tea Brunch
  1. What are some tea-infused dishes I can serve at brunch?

    • You can serve dishes like chai-spiced French toast, Lavender Earl Grey infused crepes, or green tea pancakes.
  2. How can I make my tea blending station more engaging?

    • Offer a variety of teas, herbs, and spices, along with recipe cards and small jars for guests to take their blends home.
  3. What are some must-haves for an afternoon tea-themed brunch?

    • Essential items include a variety of teas, delicate finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and elegant teaware.
  4. Can I host a tea-themed brunch if I'm not a tea expert?
    • Absolutely! It's all about the experience and enjoyment. You can even learn alongside your guests.

    Galentine's Day is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the incredible women in our lives. Adding the element of tea to your brunch not only brings a touch of elegance and warmth but also offers a unique and memorable experience. So, gather your girlfriends, brew some Tea with Tae, and make this Galentine's Day a brunch to remember!

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