Tea with Tae

Iced Tea Bundle 3-Pack

$24.95 USD $30.00 USD

3 Iced Tea Pouches (+FREE SHIPPING)


Bundle & Save with your favorite iced teas! This iced tea bundle comes with one pouch of Traditional Black, Peach & Apricot Green, and Caribbean Cooler Herbal iced tea blends. If you're looking to cool off on a hot summer day or entertain friends and family on a sunny day, our iced tea bundle will do the trick. 

Each iced tea pouch contains 8 pillow bags (12g ea.). Each pillow bag makes 2 quarts of iced tea, so each pouch can make up 16 quarts of iced tea -- the perfect amount for entertaining guests on a perfect sunny day. Enjoy!

About Our Tea Sachets & Pillow Bags

All of our tea sachets and pillow bags are bio-degradable and plastic-free, which are perfect for enjoying sophisticated tea blends without the need for any steeping hardware. 

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