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Article: Tea with Tae Now Offers Local Pick-up

Tea with Tae Now Offers Local Pick-up - Tea with Tae

Tea with Tae Now Offers Local Pick-up

We are so excited to announce that Tea with Tae now offers LOCAL PICK-UP in the Greater Denver Area from the TWT Warehouse in Lakewood, Colorado. As shipping prices have continued to rise over the last few months, we've been receiving a lot of requests from you all to come down and pick-up from our warehouse in Lakewood. We've listened to you, and now anyone who orders online can come down to the TWT Warehouse to pick up their order during Shop Hours once we've let you know your order is ready.

Also, with the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to make sure that we could accommodate those looking for last-minute gifts. So if you're in a pinch and need a gift for a holiday party, you can order online and pick up your gift the same day from our warehouse. You can also come down to the TWT Warehouse and buy products right off the shelves without having to place an order online. We will be announcing these special "Shop Hours" via our email newsletter (subscribe here) and our Instagram stories each week. 

How to select Local Pick-Up at checkout 👇

In checkout, you will see "Delivery Method" (outlined in red below). Select "Pick Up," and the shipping price will then be updated to free, and you will see the address of our TWT Warehouse, where you will pick up your order.


Here's a close-up of what happens when you select "Pick Up" under the Delivery Method.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see this page to select your Delivery Method as "Pick up," make sure you click the "Information" tab of checkout, shown below in red:


Our pick-up hours will be 12pm-5pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As we get closer to the holidays, we will be expanding these hours. To stay up to date on the latest Shop Hours, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Our warehouse address is 747 Sheridan Boulevard Unit 8E, Lakewood, CO 80214.  Our shop is in a business park off 8th Avenue, and we are on the corner after you turn into the business park. Look for the "TEA WITH TAE" signage on the doors and the unit number "8E." 

Local Denver friends, come say hi and enjoy a cup of tea with us :) 

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