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Article: Client and Corporate Gifts FAQ

Client and Corporate Gifts FAQ - Tea with Tae

Client and Corporate Gifts FAQ

Whether you’re selling a product or service or whether you’re running a company with employees, your clients and employees are human beings.  They love being appreciated, encouraged, and reminded that they are valuable to you. 

On the client side, giving a gift goes beyond the usual “Thank you for doing business with us!” cliché and instead, strengthens your relationship with your clients.  Giving gifts to your clients shows that you value your clients beyond them just being sources of revenue for your business and that you sincerely appreciate working with them.  And of course, giving a gift to a client sends them a reminder that you’re thinking of them, and in turn, develops loyalty with those clients so they continue doing business with you. 

On the corporate side, giving gifts to your employees not only shows that you appreciate and value their hard work, but it also promotes a healthy and prosocial corporate culture.  Demonstrating to your employees that they aren’t just “cogs in a wheel” is important to their overall morale and increases job satisfaction.  By giving your employees gifts, you create a culture that rewards commitment to the company and your company’s values and goals.  Whether you’re big or small, employee gift-giving can keep your team happy and productive.

Many of you have asked if Tea with Tae does client gifting, and the answer is yes. We not only support small and large orders for client (and corporate) gifts, but we can also provide semi-custom options (e.g., including your brand logo) if you’d like. This blog post covers the most frequently asked questions about our client gift offerings, so you can better understand what we can do for your clients (or employees) during the holiday season ☺️

What are good client gifts? What are good employee gifts?

Tea Bento Box

If you’re searching for client gift ideas under $50, we think your best bet for a client (or employee) gift is our Tea Bento Box. It’s a unique gift with a beautiful presentation that allows your recipient to enjoy up to six of our tea blends.  You can customize which tea blends you want to include by going through our custom Tea Bento Box builder, or you can select one of our preset Tea Bento Boxes.  

Often times, a bottle of wine or champagne is a go-to client gift, but if your client is a non-drinker and would prefer a non-alcoholic client gift, then our Tea Bento Box is an excellent alcohol-free option. Tea-drinking doesn’t have to be boring, and that’s why we created the Tea Bento Box – to make the tea-drinking experience more memorable and, well, fun.

Each Tea Bento Box is $39.99, but for the holidays (and to promote more gift-giving), if you buy 3 Tea Bento Boxes, you get a 4th Tea Bento Box free.  This discount will be automatically applied at checkout, so need for a discount code. This works out to about $30 per Tea Bento Box.

Seasonal Tea Tins

If you’re searching for client gift ideas under $20, check out our seasonal tea tins.  We offer three seasonal tea flavors – Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, and Winter Bliss. 

If you’re combining gifts into a box or a basket, then our seasonal tea tins also make for a great addition.

Each one of our tea tins has 20 pyramid tea sachets and costs $19.99. And similar to our Tea Bento Box promotion, for the seasonal tea tins, if you buy 5, you get the 6th one free.  Use discount code SEASONAL5 at checkout. 

Mini Tea Tins

Lastly, if you’re searching for a small gift for a client or employee under $10, then our mini tea tins will be a perfect fit.  These mini tins come with 5 tea pyramid tea sachets and have a bit more flexibility in terms of tea flavor, since you can choose from among our entire tea menu of 23 flavors.  As with the seasonal tea tins, our mini tea tins make for great additions to a larger gift box, basket, or bag. If you’re putting together an assortment of small items for a gift, then consider adding one of our mini tea tins for a refined (and delicious!) touch.

Each mini tea tin is $7.99, and if you buy 10, you get the 11th one free. Use discount code MINI10 at checkout.

Can you put my company's branding or logo on your products?

Yes! We do offer semi-custom options depending on your turn-around time. For the Tea Bento Boxes, we usually include a ribbon with a tag that has your company’s logo. Here’s an example of a semi-custom Tea Bento Box we did for an interior design company in Denver:

Tea Gift Box

We can also do smaller ribbons and tags for our seasonal tea tins.

Can I include a personal note with my gift?

Yes, and we encourage this! A note to the client with a gift is an added touch that really shows you value the business relationship, and a note to an employee with a gift demonstrates your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to your company.

We can include your logo and a custom message on the note inside a Tea Bento Box, for example. Or we can include a custom note in the shipping box, so your recipient receives it the moment they unbox their gift. Reach out to us for more options, and if you have something creative you want to do with your gift messaging, we can usually accommodate it. ☺️

What are my shipping options?

You generally have three shipping options with us.

One option is we ship you the order of client/employee gifts directly, and then you distribute the gifts to each of your recipients. This is usually the best option for companies whose employees are in-person at the office.

Another option is for us to mail each gift to each of your recipients directly, so you don’t have to worry about the delivery of the gifts to your clients or employees. We can handle all that for you, and in today’s environment where working from home has become the norm, this is a popular option for many of our customers.

A third option—if you’re in the Denver area—is to come pick up your order from our warehouse in Lakewood, Colorado. You can find directions to our warehouse here

What is your lead time?

We prefer that you give us 30-days advance notice, especially for bigger corporate orders.  This means that the very latest date you can place orders for TWT gifts is the Monday before Thanksgiving. The earlier you can get your order in, the better.

We also offer an expedited option of 14 days, depending on what we have in stock. We will do our best to work with you to deliver the perfect gift to your clients and employees on time for the holidays!

How do I place my order? What if I have more questions?

To place your client or corporate gift order, please reach out to us at or give us a call at 1-888-TEA-W-TAE. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have, and we’re excited to work with you in preparing and presenting beautiful and meaningful gifts for your clients and employees.

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