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Article: Last Minute Gift Guide 2022

Last Minute Gift Guide 2022 - Tea with Tae

Last Minute Gift Guide 2022

Need help finding the perfect gift?

This guide can help.

🚨 IMPORTANT NOTE 🚨 The last day to order from TWT to guarantee delivery before Christmas day is Friday, December 16th. Local pickup will be offered until December 23rd. Don't delay! Order today!

If you're looking for some wonderful gifts to give this holiday season, then look no further. This is a last minute holiday gift guide for you to find the best gifts for the tea-lover in your life. Christmas is right around the corners, so don't delay. We asked our team at TWT to pick their favorite holiday gifts, and this is what they came up with! Enjoy, and happy sipping.

1. Tea Bento Box

Price: $25.95-$34.95

How could we not lead with our own flagship product?! 😝 Give a beautiful, unforgettable, and delightful gift this holiday season. Give the one and only Tea Bento Box. It’s a unique and beautiful gift box that allows you to try a variety of different tea blends and flavors from all over the world. When you give the Tea Bento Box, you are not only giving the gift of tea, but also a cultural experience. This is the start of a memorable tea adventure.

Each Tea Bento Box comes in either a 4-pack or 6-pack configuration with four or six mini tea tubes. Each mini tea tube has five premium pyramid sachet bags, packed with the highest quality tea leaves and herbs.

Our newest packaging is also eco-friendly and fully compostable. Make the holidays unforgettable for your loved ones, while still taking care of our beautiful planet.

The Tea Bento Box is a perfect gift not just for tea lovers but also for those who are new to the world of tea. There is a tea for everyone inside each Tea Bento Box, so get yours today before we sell out for the year!

Shop Tea Bento Boxes

2. Fellow Kettle

Price: $165-$195

Simple aesthetic meets powerful design. Every cup of tea begins with a good kettle, and at Tea with Tae, we can’t recommend enough the Fellow electric kettle. The kettle is made with stainless steel and holds approximately 1 liter of water.

The gooseneck spout allows for precision pouring and control over the flow rate. One of the best features of the Fellow kettles is the ability to adjust the temperature of the water in the kettle. This is very important for brewing an excellent tasting cup of tea because different teas should be brewed at different temperatures. Click here to learn more about brew temps.

You can get the Fellow Kettle on Amazon here.

3. 5-Piece Matcha Set

Price: $33.95 (plus add-on TWT's Matcha for $29.95)

This is a gorgeous matcha kit that pairs perfectly with Tea with Tae Matcha. In fact, TWT uses this exact match kit when preparing ready-to-drink matcha drinks, such as hot or iced matcha and matcha lattes.

The matcha tea set is a great way to impress any matcha tea lover. It comes with a matcha mixer (frother), mixing bowl, sifter, stirrer (scoop), and whisk holder. By using the sifter and the bamboo whisk, your matcha will be lump-free and have no bitter taste.

You can the 5-Piece Matcha Set here, and don’t forget to get TWT’s Matcha here.

4. Honey

Price: $24.00

Sometimes you need to sweeten up your cup, and the best way to do that is with some honey from our friends at Bjorn’s Colorado Honey. They have an eclectic selection of different honey products, but one featured honey that recently caught our eye (and taste buds) is the Ukrainian Whipped Sunflower Blossom Honey. It has a bright and sunny flavor with notes of fall apples, summer rains, and sunflower resin.

Try this honey with one of our fruity tea blends like our Fruit & Berry Oolong or our Apple Cinnamon.

5. Colorado Tea Box

Price: $50.00

Our friends at Colorado Crafted put together a beautiful Colorado Tea Box that features two of our seasonal tea blends, plus a souvenir Colorado mug. This deluxe sampler is perfect for the tea lover in your life and gives you a little taste of beautiful and sunny Colorado (where Tea with Tae is headquartered).

We hope you have a wonderful holiday, merry Christmas, and a happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and more! Let's celebrate together... with some tea! 🍵

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