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Article: Tea with Tae joins Japan America Society of Colorado

Tea with Tae joins Japan America Society of Colorado - Tea with Tae

Tea with Tae joins Japan America Society of Colorado

Tea with Tae recently joined the Japan America Society of Colorado (JASC) as a Patron Member. Many of our tea products come from Japan and other east Asian countries, and in order to continue bringing more authenticity to our products and the customer experience, we joined JASC.

JASC is a premier resource for companies and individuals in Colorado who are working with Japan or have connections to Japan. Since 1989, JASC has served to strengthen cooperation and build understanding between Colorado and Japan at a grassroots level. Through business, education, and cultural programming, JASC provides opportunities for the people of our two nations to share in each others' culture, history, language, arts, education and personal and business exchanges.

By joining JASC, we hope to continue building our cultural understanding here at Tea with Tae and strengthening our relationships with our Japanese suppliers. We believe these efforts will also allow us to continue delivering high-quality, fresh, and delicious tea leaves and blends to our beloved customers.

To read more about JASC and their mission, please visit their website here:


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