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Irish Breakfast

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The strongest cup of black tea you've ever had!

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Behold, the Guinness of tea. 🍻 A premium blend of Assam and Keemun black tea leaves. Bold and malty. Makes for a strong cup. High in caffeine, so an excellent tea to get you started in the morning. Have it with some milk and sugar if you please :)

This blend is all natural and does not use any artificial ingredients.

Caffeine Level

High (1-2 cups of black tea = 1 cup of coffee) ⚡

About our Tea Sachets

Our tea pyramid sachets are made from bio-degradable & plastic-free materials. They are big and airy, which allows the leaves to fully bloom when they begin to steep in the water. These are perfect for enjoying sophisticated tea blends with exquisite flavors without the need for any fancy steeping hardware. Enjoy 🍵


All-natural Assam and Keemun black tea leaves

Robust, malty, hints of spice, hints of chocolate - the Guinness of tea!

Water temperature: 212º F

Water amount: 8 oz

Steep time: 5 min

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